Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Chicks I Struck Out With

I remember once in University I was in a fake science class. Part of the required reading in this fake science class was a book by Thomas Kuhn called "the Copernican revolution". When we finished the book, the professor of this fake science class handed each of us a piece of paper with questions concerning the text. Each person had a different question on their piece of paper to answer. The questions were fairly straight forward and just solicited our opinions regarding the issues raised in the book. We were to write down our answers and hand them into the professor when we were done.

The question on my piece of paper was "What do you think Thomas Kuhn's opinion of Copernicus was?" I wrote down "I object to the racist term Kuhn".

I thought this was the funniest answer ever. I tapped the girl, who was sitting beside me, on the shoulder and showed her my answer. As she was reading what I wrote I thought - Damn Hootch, you sly dog, after such a witty response you are bound to get laid by this chick. Heck, she might even start going down on you right now in front of the entire class!!"

Suprisingly, things didn't unfold as I expected. The girl looked me dead in the eye, told me I was stupid and changed seats.

swing... and a miss.


kattbanjo said...

lol! I would have laughed and stripped doen right there, she's crazy!

Me said...

Nah, I think she was the one who was stupid. ;)

Melissa said...

Dumbass... chicks in college are looking for the smart boys. "Stimulate my brain, baby." It isn't until after college that we realize the smart boy is a fabled creature.

Word Verifi.: gayou

Elaine said...

Dontcha see that your brilliant answer also served as a stupid biotch filter?

She probably would have just laid there anyways....

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

First: that WAS the most clever answer to a question, ever!

Second: That girl wouldn't know a worthy guy if he sat on her face and wiggled around. Whomever she banged, she got second-best, baby.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

katt, me and Elaine - I always knew I liked you guys :)

melissa - what do you think I was trying to do?! That WAS my attempt at stimulating her brain.

Re: lightning bug's butt
If anyone ever wanted a guy's perspective on things, they should checkout LBB's blog - its fucking great