Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

Went to work yesterday. Shift was from 5pm to 9pm but I arrived 30 minutes late. Pretty much fucked the dog as shit was slow. Came home. Watched as the Spurs discarded the Suns with robot-like efficiency.

Woke up this morning. Finally showered. Popped in the chicken nuggets I bought yesterday from the pharmacy. DAMN, SON!! They were good.

Ran on the treadmill and watched the retards on CNN debate over the content of Jeremiah Wright's recent public speaking appearances. Pretty divisive, I think. I also think here's an old man trying to milk his 15 minutes. Seems to me he's not pulling any punches trying to mark his place in history right beside Malcom X and MLK. I wonder how he'd like it if a white preacher went on television and gave his impersonation of a black man practising his faith. When Wright gave his impresssion of a white marching band yesterday I thought "ok, this guy has completely lost it".

GXS is up to 3.30. Up from the 2.40 I bought 2 days ago and from the 1.30 I bought on Friday.

Kung Fu movie time.

Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008

Woke up around 6am. Popped in and watched an episode of Veronica Mars while I ate CornPops out of a salad bowl.

Around 7am I debated showering and decided against it. I fired up the computer and checked out my favorite porn site. I searched for any new mpegs of black chicks doing white guys. No dice.

Around 9am I checked in briefly with a few financial websites and the retards on CNBC and Business News Television to get a feel of what the day may have in store.

The stock I bought yesterday (GXS) at 1.33 (it closed yesterday at 1.97) opened at 1.90 today. Within the first 45 minutes of trading it ran up to around 2.95. I set a stop/loss at 2.33 and left to do some grocery shopping. I catch some lunch at a sandwich joint and head home.

At home I pop in another episode of Veronica Mars and contemplate firing one off to Ms. Mars. One cream soda later I fire up the computer again to see what's happening with my GXS. My stop/loss has been hit. The stock is now at 2.15. Sweet.

I take a nap thinking it'd be pretty rad doggie styling Veronica Mars. I wake up. I check my computer and find GXS moving up. The reason it moved yesterday was because the company drilled and struck coal. They dont know what the quality of the coal is but the deposit appears to be quite large as they struck what they believed to be the same body of coal when they drilled another hole 1.5 kilometers further away. Today the company announced they believe the coal encountered in the drill holes is of the Cretaceous age and the results defining the quality of coal are expected prior to the week's end.

Now, one of either two things will happen. (A) the quality of the coal will be good and with only 17 million shares outstanding, in the company, the stock will more than beef up my bank account. Or (B) the quality of coal will be poor and the stock will drop quickly well below $1. Because of some success I've had previously, I think I can afford the risk. I buy back in at 2.40 and will wait until the results are announced.

Between 4:30 and 5:30 pm I excersize.

6:00, I google "Cretaceous Age and coal" hoping to get an indication of what the quality of coal may be that GXS found. After 5 minutes I lose interest and go back and visit my favorite porn site. Still, no new black chick on white guy mpegs.

7:30 I watch the Raps outhink themselves and lose to Orlando. Really, is there any reason we have to 2ble team fucking Rashad Lewis and Hedo Turkoglou every fucking time down the court? We're way more athletic than they are. We should have handled them one-on-one and TJ Ford and Calderon should have eaten Jameer Nelson's lunch but unfortunately, it didn't go down that way.

Now, getting ready to watch Kobe ass fuck the Nuggets.

(By mentioning GXS here I'm almost positive I've jinxed myself and the stock. The stock may go to zero tomorrow and I'll be forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to make ends meet).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

dont call it a comeback


Been kinda out of the loop for a while. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm okay. Still trading. Still working a few days a week at the pharmacy. HotBlackChick is long gone. So is any ambition and desire to look for a real job or a real relationship.

I've been pretty much living the life of a recluse lately. If it wasn't for the few days at work my social interactions would amount to zero. And even then, most of the people I talk to at work are the junkies that try to shoplift powdered baby formula to mix their crack with.

I guess the closest thing I have to a relationship right now is with the diminutive but spunky Veronica Mars. I make sure and catch up with her at least once a day, while I work the treadmill at home. Other than that and the crackheads - zero social interaction. Pretty soon I'm pretty sure I'll lose or forget the ability to communicate in a socially acceptable manner. I'll just be all grunts and crotch grabbing. Although in all fairness, I think crotch grabbing is highly underestimated and underappreciated as a means of expression.