Friday, November 24, 2006

My Favorite Thing to do at Work

At work, I sit beside the high-volume community printer. Being in such close proximity to the printer I see when all the special, client sensitive reports get printed. It normally goes down something like this:

Someone will approach the printer with a stack of official company letterhead. They will remove the plain 8 x 11 paper from its tray and replace it with the previously mentioned company stationary. Right before they close the tray, enabling the printer, they'll make an announcement out loud to the department: "Ok, everyone. I am about to print a really high-profile, super important report on company letterhead. Please refrain from printing any of your work on this printer until I advise otherwise and not a moment earlier. Thank you for your attention and servitude".

This, of course is my cue to open my Internet Explorer, go to Tbone Stallone's blog, click "print" on the tool bar, "number of copies: 500" and "print" again.

The challenge is to accomplish the above before the goof printing the special report has the opportunity to walk back to his desk and print out his own work on the intended letterhead.

The real payoff comes when that same individual walks back to the printer, expecting to see his financial report or project proposal but instead sees "The Pitfalls of Not Murdering Your Ex-Girlfriend" by Tbone Stallone on the company letterhead.

Fucking priceless.


lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

i can imagine hearing blur's song 2 playin in the background while you do this.

oh hootch you devil you.

Melissa said...

Doesn't your name show up on each piece printed, Esther?

Me said...

Oh, what we do to make ourselves happy at work...

Freak Magnet said...

I'm suprised you don't print porn on it.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

lastlife - messing with the company photocopier? I'm a baaaad man.

Melissa - Ha. Esther. Name only comes out when printing from company applications you have to log on to. I still take responsibility. Before tho I was apologetic "oh, I musta sent these printouts to your printer by accident. Sorry". Now, not so much "are those mine? Gimme them".

I'm a treat to work with.

Me - dont make me tell you what goes on in the bathrooms... again

FreakMagnet - naw, we dont print porn... just dowload it on to the company computers (not really, but its fun to imagine we could)

slopmaster said...

greatness. I would have done that, but it was usually me printing those papers on company letterhead.

Melissa makes a good point though.

Tbone Stallone said...

dude, I missed this post, and I gotta give holla for the shout out, you real peeps, real peeps