Monday, November 13, 2006

killing time

Clipse - Virginia
Virginia's for lovers, but trust there's hate here
For out-of-towners, who think that they gon' move weight here

8pm ish

Alright. Got about an hour to kill before my ride arrives so I thought I'd listen to some tunes and hammer out some shit here.

First off, I'm thinking about cashing out the gambling account. Before, I told myself if I can get the gambling account up to $1500, I'd cash out and take the boys, for my birthday, to the dirtiest rippers' joint I can find in Toronto. I'd also print up custom made t-shirts for us that'd read "Ima drop $1000 up in this shithole". Half the time I think the t-shirt thing is a really funny idea. The other half not so much. Anyway, I'm sure it'll appear genius once my buddy Johnny Walker joins the party.

At 4:30am I logged on the online bookie website and put half the gambling account ($350 CDN) on the Sabres. I'm clocking the Sabres/Carolina game on the internet and shitting bricks at the same time. Thankfully tho, the Sabres are throwing a beatdown on the 'Canes, 3-0. I gots lucky, I guess. Lucky and stupid, an interesting combination. Lets hope the stupidity wears out before the luck.

Everlast - Black Jesus
They call me white sinner, black martyr,
live wire, fire starter,
jungle brother, red neck cracker,
freak of nature, new world slacker,

Finally the X-Files, season 2, is getting better. They got that fucking alien assassin dude out on the prowl for Mulder and Scully's ass. Good times. I think the season finale ends in a menage with the alien assassin dude and Mulder holding a sword fight in Scully's mouth.

Shiiiiyyyyaaaaat. Buffalo/Carolina 3-2 now. My dreams of a night of unparalleled debauchery hang in the balance.

A friend sent me this link to my work e-mail address. Fucking game is addictive, yo!! For real. I cant seem to get more than 15 minutes work done before I find myself clicking the link to play internet Deal or No Deal. Check it out.

15:01 seconds before the hockey game ends. Still 3-2 Buffalo.

Oasis - D'you know what I mean
All my people right here, right now
d'you know what I mean

11 pm ish

On I read that Elton John would outlaw religion, or someshit like that (I only read the headline), to prevent prejudice, hatred and non-tolerance. Me and a friend had a similar discussion. My friend argued that the world would be a better place without religion. "Did you know that more wars have been started in the name of religion than any other cause in the history of the world?" OK. I hate that fucking arguement. It makes no sense to me. What? Its like all the douche bags who use their (faulty) concept of "religion" as their excuse to start conflict would all of a sudden be nice guys if religion did not exist? Fuck no. They'd just look for other means to "justify" their hatred.

What I really wanna know is why is Elton John's opinion on religion news-worthy? When did he become an expert on these matters? Maybe CNN should solicit Elton's opinion on topics he is more familiar with like industrial sized turkey basters and gerbils.

Some other stuff I wanted to mention, but cant remember. Sabres ended up winning and I'm using every last shred of restraint I have to prevent myself from logging on to the online bookie and letting it all ride on whatever bet he has going on right now (cock-fights in Karachi, Horseshoes in the Himalayas?)

The voice inside my head is saying "log off the computer, Hootch. Go finish watching season 2 of the X-Files. Or if you are gonna stay on the internet, use it for what its intended for - downloading porno."

later, peoples.


lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

humans will always something to pick on even if everythings perfect. shit, its TOO perfect. WARRRRRRRRRR !

by the way, happy birthday in advance hootch !

Tbone Stallone said...

Not a day passes that I dont listen to Clipse- Gangsta Lean.

Props on the shirt, you could also go with, "I never met a black girl that I didnt slap." Might not get the same reaction, but then again it might.

Freak Magnet said...

How about "Catch Cancer Early. I give free breast exams"?

Hey.... maybe...

Melissa said...

Digging the music.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

lastlife - right-o, sister

tbone - I'll put that on the back of the shirt. Every song on Lord Willin' is da shit

Freak Magnet - that'll go on next years t-shirts.

Melissa - Glad you liked it.

People should check out Melissa's smut of the month entries. I need a cold shower after every read.