Friday, May 26, 2006

Time for a Barbeque? Awwww, Hells Yeah

TIme for a barbeque this weekend. Maybe two. Time for the sun to come out and make it hot. Time for the cootches to congregate to my backyard and make it hotter. Telephone calls have been made. E-mails have been sent. There is not a woman of ill-repute, in Toronto, that hasn't been invited. Kinda curious to see how it'll all shake down.

Anyway, in preparation for these summer parties I purchased a new barbeque. Me and my friends put it together last week. Mally is the dude on the far left that looks like he's either suffering from facial paralysis or shitting himself. The guy in the middle is Sterg. And the good looking fella on the right is me - tsssssss, sizzling hot!!

Assembling the barbeque was actually easier than I expected. It only took us 16 hours and 35 minutes. Sure, we had a few parts left over, but nothing too important - several electrical wires, a safety valve, a wheel and an unknown thingamajigger.

While we assembled the barbeque, we ate a fucking mountain of jujubees, drank at least a 24, verbally and physically assaulted each other, made up... and assaulted each other again. I think someone may have also smashed a bottle of smirnov over Mal's head (which may account for his expression).

Yeah, time for a barbeque this weekend. The braincells are already saying their final farewells as they know many of them wont make it to Monday alive.


Elaine said...

What happened to a little guy on guy butt slap and tickle after a couple beers??.. that's always great at bbqs.

Have a good drunken Memorial day weekend. :P

Melissa said...

Hot? If you put that together last weekend and you're standing there in a stocking cap and sweatshirt, you don't know hot. I was driving home from the office last night at 7 pm and it was 92 outside.

And the three of you look like nothing but trouble.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

the full-on-butt-slap(and tickle) is strictly reserved for the athletic endeavours we participate in...and for when we hit the showers afterward.

last weekend in Toronto it was colder than a witches tit (10 degrees celsius which works out to in the low 50s).

this weekend tho - nice!! 77 for today and 84 for tomorrow. Hey, its not Texas hot, but we'll take it.

kattbanjo said...

ooh hooch is sooo handsome