Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome to the Minutia of my Day

Boss is back today. And she's kinda pissed. Word got back to her that me and NewCootch did fuck all yesterday. Someone told her that we were shooting the shit till shift's end. I think I know who it was that ratted us out. Some douche we'll call GetBirdFluAndDie. GetBirdFluAndDie has been clocking NewCootch ever since her first day. I think he digs her.

Anyway, today I'm trying to keep more of a low profile. You know, really hunker down and get alot of work done to make up for yesterday. NewCootch doesn't seem to be cooperating though.

NewCootch: Hootch.

Hootch: Yeah?

NC: Can I ask you a question?

H: If its work related, sure.

NC: Do you like calypso?

H: No. I dont like calypso.

NC: Oh....Why dont you like calypso?

H: I dunno. I just dont. Isn't there some work you should be doing?

NC: Ya. I'll do it right now.... Hootch?

H: Yeah?

NC: I'm writing my performance evaluation. How do you spell "below"?

H: B-E-L-O-W

NC: You're so smart. Do you know how I spelled it?

H: ......


That was the last straw. My boss had about enough. She made NewCootch change we were back in grade school. I thought that was kinda funny.


question girl said...

*LMAO* - HEY I'm First Post!! YIPPI

btw, hootch, can i add you to my bloggerhood list - i'd e-mail ya to ask but you dont have one listed on your profile..


Melissa said...


She's so after you. Be sure to buy your own condoms though, she'd likely get that wrong and we don't need her in the gene pool.

Lowry said...

Someone likes Hootch. Next thing you know, she'll be passing notes to you secretly.

question girl said...

hey hooch - do they check your e-mail at work???

kattbanjo said...

OOHH she totally wants you! that's obvious

A. said...

I'm so curious to know who is the getbirdfluanddie guy... he digs her but she DIGS you... next word she is gonna want to spell will be B-O-N-E...

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

question girl - sure. thanks. oh, and yes, they do check e-mail at work. Its a miracle I haven't been fired yet.

Melissa - b-l-o-w. its an honest mistake. "below" is one of those tricky words. no?

lowry - we can only hope, Lowry. Just to make things interesting.

Katt - obvious would be her grabbing me by the hair and smushing my face into her breasts. Hopefully that will be tomorrow.

A. (Mr. X, dat crazy Tunisian hipster. If you are interested in the rantings of a young politically minded world-traveler/loverboy, you gotta check out Anis' blog. Its awesome.) Hey, whats going on brother? "B-O-N-E" as in Bone Appetit ;)

Me said...

Scandal at the workplace...gotta love it.

I wonder what you friend Mally would think. ;)

question girl said...

yeah, nothing like a good work SPPPRRRRROLSKI

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

the genius has got a crush on you. nice work.

Claire said...



Lowry said...

I heard this one thing on the radio. They were doing a bunch of stupid songs and I heard this one called "The girls downstairs":

The girls above me love me
but will the girls b-low me?
Pleeeeeeeease, will the girls b-low me?

That was the whole song.

Freak Magnet said...

A real-life soap opera starring our Hootch as lead in a love triangle.

As the world turns, so does the days of our lives.