Saturday, July 08, 2006

Look Ma, No Proof-Reading

So alright. Okay. What went down at my work today. Well, the anime girl moved desks. That sucks. Moving into her desk is this other girl. She's pretty young. She looks like she's right out of University. She's not as good looking as the anime girl, I think, but alot of guys in the office think she's pretty hot. She's also pretty friendly, eager to please, has a good attitude...and is dumb as fuck.

In our office we have 3 or 4 printers that the entire floor has to share. So, when you print your reports, or whatever, you go to the printer, grab the fuck whatever is yours and go back to your desk and pretend to work. However, this new chick (we'll call her "newcootch"), along with her own reports, is accidentally grabbing everyone else's printouts. As a consequence, everyone in the office is walking around bewildered, checking out all the printers and trays and wondering where the fuck the report is they printed out 5 times already.

Now, to her credit, Newcootch is doing the best to help me out and atone for her mistakes. At her desk, when she realises that she may have grabbed a printout (or 30) that aren't hers, she puts on her cutesy voice and says "woops, Hootch, I think I may have grabbed a report thats yours". Instinctively I take it and say "thanks".

However, if Newcootch had half a brain she'd realise that on the top right hand corner of all the printouts is the name of the individual whose report it is. So, either she hasn't figured that out yet...or she thinks my fucking name is Esther.


Lowry said...

The new chick...This oughta be fun.

Melissa said...

Maybe she thinks you've gone all Madonna and it's your Kaballah name. Either that or she thinks you look like Esther Rolle, the mom from Good Times. It could go either way.

Me said... people. Gotta love 'em.

At least they give you blog material!

Elaine said...

AAA, newcootch sounds like she's going to be a FOUNTAIN of hilarious blog material.

Try not to kill her Esther.

kattbanjo said...

LOL! You look more like a Neil to me..

Melissa said...

Post something you lazy ass.

Word Verification: vgzbj

Elaine said...

Wherefore art thou?

Lowry said...

Hootch? Where are you, guy?