Friday, October 06, 2006

Raise your hand if you've slept with Tera and Marianne

Last week, through no doing of my own, I came into a little money. Not enough for me to retire, but a sizeable enough sum for me to fuck around and bankroll my vices for at least a year or so. We're talking loose women, drinking, smoking, betting and gambling... plus probably a few others I haven't thought of.

Anyway, from now on, on this blog, I will document exactly how I piss away my money.

This evening I openned up an online sportsbook account. I already have a couple of bets in.

(1) Chicago Blackhawks to beat whoever the fuck they're playing (Nashville, I think) +120

(2) Baseball proposition bet - Tom Glavine to throw under 95.5 pitches -110

I am under no delusions regarding my sports betting. 99.999% of everyone who bets loses money in the longrun. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fucking lying. Still, its fun and should provide some good times and stories. I'm taking da boys out tonight so we can watch the games... maybe take them to the rippers afterward...or not, I'm kinda tired today. Have been up the previous 72 hours working my way through the dvd's I bought on Monday.

Dawson's Creek (season 6): pretty much sucks. As soon as Dawson and Pacey became self-confident yuppies with all the answers the show lost its edge.

Gilmore Girls (season 5... or 6, I cant remember now; anyway its the most recent dvd) started off slow but pretty fucking great overall.

Supernatural (season 1): Good fucking show with some interesting directing and camera angles. Some episodes made me shit my pants. Writing is way better than expected also.

X Files (season 1): Pretty good. Nothing against him, but I still think David Duchovny is a really shit actor and I will never understand the sex appeal of Gillian Anderson.

ChinaTown: Haven't got around to it yet. Still cant believe how good looking Faye Dunnaway looked in Bonnie and Clyde.

X-Men I - III - All fucking good.


2 Dollar Productions said...

That's an interesting bet on Glavine, and I wish I could find enough money to bankroll my vices for a year.

Good luck with the survival part.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

$2 - thanks. Looks like both bets came in for me, which means I'll probably lose my next 10.

I also should have mentioned (I'm sure you figured it out though) I posted this entry tonight (thursday oct 12) not oct 6.

Your Girl Friday said...

How fucking jealous am I. It's sad really.

Bankrolling my vices would most certainly leave me with a sizable alcohol/gambling/sex addiction.

Oh shit. Too late.

Me said...

Have fun. :)

Melissa said...

Indulge yourself and become the next Bukowski.

Freak Magnet said...

Oh, man, I'm so old, because all I could think when you said you came into some money was, "Ooo! Paying off bills!! Saving for a house!! Woo Hoo!"