Saturday, October 14, 2006

an asshole of the highest order

I went 3 - 1 with my bets yesterday. Not too bad a start, 5 - 1 overall. I'm still under no delusions that I will make any money betting sports in the long run. I still expect to lose all the money I had allocated to sports betting within the next month or so, especially if I continue to bet everyday. Betting everyday, just for the sake of betting or just to make whatever game you're watching on tv more interesting is the biggest "no-no" in the "profession" of sports gambling

With the above being said, this afternoon I plan on watching some Canadian Football while devouring a mountain of chicken wings. I will take the Toronto Argonauts to beat the Edmonton Eskimos in a pick'em game.

Last night I went to the rippers. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw Tera outside on a smoke break. She ran up to my car. I unlocked the passenger's door and she came in. We talked for a little.

Tera: Looked what thet cat dragged in.

Hootch: Hey, Tera. How is it in there, tonight.

Tera: Its fucking dead. We should leave.

Hootch: Where should we go?

Tera: Lets go to the movies... or to my house and get some food.

Hootch: Lets go to the movies. I've started working out again and I'm trying not too eat anything after 8pm

Tera: Oh ya? Have you lost any weight yet?

Hootch: Ya, man. I've lost like almost 30 pounds.

Tera: Really?! Cuz it looks like you haven't really lost anything.

Hootch: Fuck off.

Tera: Haha. I have a little weed we can smoke if you want later on.

Hootch: Maybe. I can give you some money for the weed.

Tera: Its alright. I dont hafta pay for my weed.

Hootch: Oh ya. Its nice that your dealer gives you the option of fucking him for your drugs.

Tera: You're not funny.

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