Friday, October 13, 2006

more bets and prospects of sex

I got 4 more bets in today with the online bookie.

I got Kenny Rogers, the gambler, and Detroit to beat the A's. I fucking hate Kenny Rogers (the pitcher) but it was too good a deal, at -125, to pass him up at home.

I have Atlanta Thrashers (-140) to beat Carolina.

I have Bufallo to beat the Red Wings. Worth a shot at +125.

And lastly I have Florida (-130) over Tampa Bay.

I'm also thinking about taking some Canadian Football action and maybe even the baseball game tonight. We'll see.

I called Marianne early this afternoon. I left a message on her machine. I think she worked yesterday so I wasn't really expecting her to pick up. The earliest she'll wake up is 3pm when she works the night before. Anyway, I was pretty much an asshole on the phone. I told her I was gonna swing by her club tonight and asked her not to come by my table cuz I dont wanna deal with the drama or the bullshit. I also asked her to tell the other girls she works with that I may drop a G at the club tonight. Of course my message was code for "Marianne, listen bitch, I want you to beg for forgiveness and recognise that I'm a million times better than your fucking fag, wigger "boyfriend" who you're supporting while he tries to get his music career off the ground. He makes Vanilla Ice look like the incredible rhyme animal, Chuck D".

Ha. Marianne is trying to return my call. I haven't picked up yet. She's called 3 times in the past 5 minutes. She's left one message so far. "Hey Mister. You're not funny. Why do you have to be like that. Why do you have to believe what everyone tells you. I dont have a boyfriend, alright. All I have is my mom and my sisters. I dont even have any friends, okay. Everyone at work here hates me so I dont even know why you are tripping like that and being so rude. I dont care, I've known you longer than any of the other girls. If you come by tonight we're spending time together like we did before, so dont even try to go with anyone else...."

Should be interesting tonight. Sex is probably not even a remote possibility, but I stuck it in the title of my post because it kinda rhymes with bets.

There was some other stuff I wanted to say, and I guess I really should spell check this shit, but I gotta go watch the baseball game.


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