Sunday, October 22, 2006

I dont really have anything to say...

... but when has that ever stopped me before, eh?

Just wanted to document my picks for today so when the world declares the shittiest blogger/gambler in history, I'll be in the running.

I went 2 - 0 last time while high, giving me a mark of 10 - 7. While I dont have any ganja to burn down today, I am planning on seeking an elevated plain of consciousness while demolishing a tub of Mr. Turtles ice cream. Unfortunately, my football picks have already been made as I took the Packers +5 and Denver -4.5 (the packers already won today and I'm presently watching Denver suck huge monster balls). However, while engourging myself on the ice cream, maybe I'll be visited by the spirit of Mr. Turtle. Perhaps he can shed some light on tonight's baseball winner or maybe even some of the proposition bets.

10 minutes later....

Alright, continuing with the theme of gambling while high, I just injected a needleful of the finest, uncut Mr. Turtles ice cream to my pecker. Immediately I was visited by Mr. Turtle. Mr. Turtle likes the under on the proposition bet - Kenny Rogers to throw 95.5 pitches (+105). Mr. Turtle is also digging the payout (+145) for the proposition bet "Jim Edmunds to have more hits+RBI's+runs that Ivan Rodriguez".

this may be my dumbest entry ever... and thats saying something.

later skaters,


lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

*smacks hootch*

i like your dumb entries. *licks*

nobich said...

Mr.Turtles ice cream to your pecker?? what the fuck???

2 Dollar Productions said...

Whatever helps you pick winners, eh?

I wonder how you feel about the Cowboys-Giants game tonight. I haven't seen the line, but it would be a tough call for me.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

$2 - the line was Dallas -3. Both teams have been pretty inconsistent so I probably would've taken the points and the G-Men. But I didn't put any money down cuz I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Bledsoe

nobich - all the veins in my arms have collapsed so I can only inject ice cream through the vein in my pecker. With the aid of Mr. Turtle I went 3-1 yesterday. Almost went 4-0 but Kenny Rogers threw 99 pitches instead on 95 or fewer.

LastLife - My favorite comment of all time... now excuse me while I hose myself down and clean myself up (all the girls in the joint go "EEWWWW").

The Boob Lady said...

This is a riot as well. kudos