Monday, November 12, 2007

two fags on the stairmaster

At the gym, on the stairmaster, watching tv.

Unheralded good looking chick.

Sterg: You know who I think is a pretty good looking black chick?

Hootch: Who?

Sterg: T-Boz, from TLC

Hootch: T-Boz?!?? You know, she's really let herself go the past few years.

Sterg: Yeah, but back in the day? She was pretty nice. She was, like, the hottest black chick around. There was no Rhianna. There was no Ciara. You know if you wanted to, you could easily argue that T-Boz was a seminal figure in the in the pop culture landscape as being being one of the first high profile black chicks you could crank it to. Who else was there in the 90's? No one. Just Aretha Franklin and Oprah.

Hootch: Alright. Alright. Settle down. I'm pretty sure thats not true but whatever.

Sterg: Your turn now, motherfucker. Lets see who you got.

Hootch: You know who I thinking is pretty good looking from Smallville?

Sterg: If you tell me Chloe, I'm gonna have to choke you.

Hootch: No, not Chloe. Lois.

Sterg: Lois Lane? Ha!!

Hootch: What, you don't think she's good looking?

Sterg: Of course I think she's good looking. You cant pick the hottest actress with the biggest implants on a tv show then say she's an unheralded good looking chick. Everyone loves Lois.

Hootch: Not everyone. She looks a little old around the face.

Sterg: Trust me, dude, when she's popping those double Ds no one is looking at her face.

Hootch: Oh, look. TV number 1 is playing Rhianna's new video.

Sterg: Fuck, I love this song.

Hootch: Me too. Its awesome.

Sterg: (singning) I wanna take you away / I just cant refuse it / Please dont stop the / Please dont stop the / Please dont stop the music...

Hootch: (singing) Ma say ma sa, Ma ma coo sa / Ma say ma sa, Ma ma coo sa / Ma say ma sa, Ma ma coo sa / Ma say ma sa, Ma ma coo sa


Tequila Mockingbird said...

i'm a big fan of lil kim. she looks so slutty and whoreish, but all of the filthy acts she talks about in rhyming detail in her songs ohhhhh man. also, she looks like she could seriously whip some ass.

Franki said...

well, at least you were considering unheralded good looking females.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I'm with your friend on Lois as if you're nitpicking her, then you've got issues.

But the TLC statement - not so much.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

im surprised you guys didnt mention kristin kreuk.

J7 L7+ said...

You got good taste Hootch.