Saturday, February 16, 2008

Have you ever seen Joyce Dewitt and Joan Jett in the same room together?

A few days ago I was watching The Top 50 Videos of the 80's with HBC. I'm not really a fan of the show or 1980's music but as I was flipping through channels I caught the teaser that promised to play "I love Rock n' Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Hootch: Have you ever heard that song before?

HBC: No.

Hootch: Oh my gawd. You haven't?!? You're so racist.

HBC: You know, that joke was never funny. Not even the first time you said it.

Hootch: Here comes the video. Watch. This song is awesome.

The song and video begin.

HBC: What the fuck. Is that Janet from Three's Company?

I'll let you decide:

HBC's observation totally blew my fucking mind. I couldn't stop laughing. Its like Janet is the Clark Kent to Superman's Joan Jett.

It was then I decided to reward HBC with some extra hot white boy loving that night.

HBC: (as we are doing it) That feels nice.

Hootch: (continuing to rock her world). Tell me how much you like it.

HBC: Thats feels so nice, honey. Yeah, like that. Keep on doing that.

Hootch: Like that? Tell me how much you like that.

HBC: hmmmmyeeeeah

Hootch: Tell me how much you love white meat.

And with that comment, ladies and gents, combined with the fact that I couldn't stop laughing afterwards, I probably permanently put myself in the shithouse.

It was probably worth it, though. That was a damn good laugh.


Jake Titus said...

Holy shit spittin' image! You know, if Mr. Furley knew Janet was moonlighting as lesbian rock star then Jacks gay alibi would gained real credibilty.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

Hey, Jake.

Thanks for commenting on such a shit post.

I also like the idea of having Joan Jett appear on the show as Janet's sister. An episode where they tag team jack would've been rad.

Franki said...

wow, they really do look alike. were you the guy who also compared chelsea clinton to alfred e newman? cuz that blew my mind too.

on another note, i feel your shithouse pain. i think i lost my local FwB connection when i called him a "girl" for not closing the deal with me. i mean, i told the dude i just wanted a local guy to have sex with and he kept text messaging me about american idol instead of inviting me over to make out. so i called him a girl. he stopped talking to me. probably a good thing in retrospect. i wasn't even trying to be insulting, i thought i was funny.


Jake Titus said...

Shit post? Hell, that was genius. The rock icon slash retared 70's sitcom mix. . . . Brilliant!

2 Dollar Productions said...

I'm surprised you got to finish if you uttered that line, but then again, I was watching a mainstream Hollywood movie this weekend where a woman told Ben Stiller to "Fuck me like a black man." I guess you never know, eh?

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

franki - haha!! dont worry about it. There is no such things as a girl being in the shithouse when a guy is horny.

Just let me remind you again that I have never worn zip-up cowboy boots and the only txt messages you could expect to receive from me would be along the lines of "I have morning glory with your name written all over it".

Or if you wanna be more discrete I could go covert and send encrypted messages like "the oil rig is ready to explode" ;)

$2 - Lets just say I didn't look good crossing the finish line.

Yo Momma said...

holy shit!!! joyce is joan and joan is joyce...

it was right in front of our faces all along!!!! i used to mock superman's 'glasses' disguise thinking it was ridiculous that nobody put two and two together. but i apparently got duped by a slight spike of the hair and a headband.

tag teaming jack. hehehe.....

Franki said...

I'm glad you haven't worn zip-up cowboy boots. I'd have to re-evaluate all the blogs I read.

I can't decide which text message I like better. They are both winners.