Sunday, February 24, 2008

Betting with Oscar

Alright, here is how we are gonna play this. For the Best Picture award No Country for Old Men is a pretty sizable favorite. There Will Be Blood is the second favorite to win (+450). Atonement is third (+750). Juno is fourth (+1600) and Michael Clayton is fifth (+3500).

I am gonna put $5 on There Will Be Blood, $5 on Atonement, $5 on Juno and $5 on Michael Clayton. If There Will Be Blood wins my payout is $22.50. If Michael Clayton wins (hope hope) my payout is $175. If Atonement or Juno win my payout will be somewhere in between. Of Course if No Country wins I get nothing but the aggravation of trying to explain to HBC why I thought these bets were a good idea.

I'll use the same type of strategy for the other major categories where there is a heavy favorite.

For Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is a fucking huuuuge favorite. If you wanted to bet him to win you would have to put down $2500 just to make $100 back. Anyway, I'll put $5 each on George Clooney (+1200), Johnny Depp (+2500), Tommy Lee Jones (+6000) and Viggo Mortensen (+8000). If the Cloon-Dawg wins my payout is ($60). If Viggo Mortensen takes it the payout is $400. I think Viggo and Tommy Lee Jones have less a chance of winning than I do keeping the 20s in my pocket at a strip joint, but if by whatever miracle they do come up the winner and I decided not to play them, I would have to cause myself some serious bodily injury.

Best actress I'll lay off of but I will play Best Director and Best Supporting Actor. The two favorites in each of those categories is The Coen Brothers and Javier Bardem. If anyone else but them win for their respective categories I'll be a happy fucker.

Enjoy the evening.


Jake Titus said...

I Thought Viggo Mortensen should have taken best actor for Eastern Promises. . . .Because any actor willing to film that bathouse fight scene with his nuts hangin' out deserved the friggen' statue!

2 Dollar Productions said...

I liked it just fine with the exception of a shitload of worthless montages, and there were no real surprises this year (maybe Swinton for best supporting actress).

I tied for first for my Oscar pool, but that was because I was lucky about guessing the smaller categories.