Wednesday, October 31, 2007

shit on my mind on this wednesday afternoon

I'm debating whether or not to ask Tera and her implants to come with me to Tommy's birthday party. Tera is a great time, for sure, but she's as crazy as fuck. On the plus side, Tera is a guaranteed lay, for me. Minimal effort but forth and as long I pretend to treat her with respect and dignity she'll be doing a face plant in my crotch by the end of the night. On the negative side, like I said, Tera is crazy. Whenever we had sex I'd always have to adopt a half-defensive position for fear of her going ape-shit and deciding to attack me for the sins of the men that have wronged her in the past.

The last 2 days flipping stocks have been shit. Lost $200 each day. Today has been going alright but that can change pretty quick. I got back in NOT with 2000 shares at 5.34. Now its trading at 5.45. Not bad but the last few days it dropped more than a buck so I gotta keep a close eye on it to make sure I at least walk away with some profit.

I also bought 10000 shares of ONT at 59 cents. Because I am unfamiliar with the stock and its trading pattern, I sold at 61 cents to lock in some grocery money for the next few weeks. Then realizing I may have sold too early I bought back another 10000 shares at 67 cents. ONT is now at 73 cents so unless I fuck up today should be alright. Fingers crossed I dont fuck up.


AWW FUCK!! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ,fuck... FUCK!

I booked ONT for a 6 bill gain. Pretty cool. And NOT was trading like it was on viagra - long, hard and always up. Then at 5.93 it was halted for pending news. Some people love when their stock gets halted. I fucking hate it especially when its running hard. Why do you want to halt the stock for fucking news, dude? Just let it run. Now, if the news, which has yet to be released, turns out to be shit the fucking stock will open lower tomorrow, possibly way lower, wiping out the $1200 I made on it and maybe more. Fuck.

Conversely if the news is super great beyond everyone's expectation the stock may jump tomorrow. If that's the case, party at my house. I'll supply the booze, skanks and weed.

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Franki said...

Wear a helmet, you'll be fine.