Monday, October 01, 2007

Right now I'm watching Ella enchanted...

... and I'm thinking sure, I'd probably throw it to Anne Hathaway.

Yesterday, I spoke with the super hot chinese checkout girl about a whole bunch of different shit, including music. I introduced her to the cock-rock stylings of Phillipino rock god Danko Jones. His new stuff is pretty shit, I think, but his older songs are instant panty remover.

I didn't have any Danko Jones on my MP3 player at work but knowing my luck, the past few days, the super hot chinese checkout girl will go home, download and listen to a whole bunch of Danko Jones' early songs and then proceed to fuck the brains out of the first male she lays eyes on.

I, of course, will be nowhere in the vicinity and in all likelihood be stuffing my face with cheesy-puffs with one hand and cranking it to Anne Hathaway with the other.

I've had this weird thing for Anne Hathaway ever since I saw her topless jamming that gayboy in Brokeback Mountain. Perhaps she'd be interested in auditioning for Platypussy, the James Bond porno I'm developing.

OMG!! Dear reader, is anyone else capable of seeing Anne Hathaway's ta-ta's or have I just developed x-ray vision?

Other females I'd also be willing to work with are Rhiana, Hilary Duff, that retarded black chick from 106 and Park, and Mrs Garrett from The Facts of Life.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I dig Anne too, although my brother disagrees quite strongly. And I remember that see-through photo and unfortunately, your powers are limited to this pic and not universal.

Me said...

Thank God Mrs. Garrett made the list.

I dunno. I'm not that impressed by Anne Hathaway's tits.

H.Wood said...

Rent Havoc if you get the chance. She-shows-a-da-boobies.

J7 L7+ said...

Hathaway is old English for 'a coy, sluttish thespian'.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

$2 - yeah, I think opinions on Hathaway run either hot or cold, no in between. I'll get you a part in my movie if Anne signs up.

me - OMG, me!! You must be rocking a nice set.

h.wood - nice. I was unaware of Havoc.

J7 - I like how she works the good girl / I'll bone you in the backseat dichotomy

Franki said...

I can't beleive my ex bf put my picture on the web!


Horny Asian Chick

Me said...

Hmm...obviously you don't pay close attention to my posts. There was actually a pic awhile back.


IDigHootchAndCootch said...

franki - ahhh... what did you say was the name of that website again?

me - I found the pic. nice shape... even skin pigmentation... shapely nipple. Yes, I'd definitely put that in my mouth.

Me said...

Oh my God.

You made me blush.

Palm Springs Savant said...

awesome photo. I guess my xray goggles are working too