Friday, July 06, 2007

late for the rockpile and cant think of a title

I sucked huge cock Wednesday night at football. We only had 6 guys show up (the bare minimum you need on the field), so everyone had to go both ways - offense and defense. Defense was not a problem as I'm exactly like Champ Baily but only with a hairy ass. Offense though? I might as well have been wearing cinder block gloves cuz I couldn't catch shit. Three fucking dropped balls. Man, thats really unusual because I'm normally the male version of Jerry Rice.

Anyway, our QB (exactly like Drew Bledsoe... only less mobile; I think I could beat him in a race with a piano on my back) was nice enough to tell me "you'll get 'em next week" but I was still bummed.

Oh, by the way, we won the game 33 -14 so we're still the only undefeated team in our division. I have two games next week so I'm looking forward to getting shit back together.

Teams G W L T P/F P/A PTS +/-
Lost A Step 6 6 0 0 183 104 18 79
Obsessions 6 5 1 0 184 84 15 100
Enforcers 6 4 2 0 163 113 12 50
Milf Hunters FC 6 4 2 0 119 105 12 14
Seminoles 6 2 4 0 102 127 6 -25
Red Knights 6 2 4 0 93 123 6 -30

Sunday Morning Maniacs 5 0 5 0 69 147 0 -78
Argos 5 0 5 0 38 158 0 -120


2 Dollar Productions said...

A less mobile version of Bledsoe means you've got a cement statue for a quarterback.

J7 L7+ said...

I used to be a QB in high school. I, too, had cement in my spikes. Dan Marino was my hero though. He proved that you could be slow as fuck, as long as you could take a snap in the shotgun and throw a bullet 4o yahds before getting pressed into the turf.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

$2 - exactamundo. Our QB is like a cement statue... only less mobile.

j7 - ha! Sterg and his brother idolize Dan the Tan. To this day the dolphins are still their team. Poor bastards.

H.Wood said...

"Male Jerry Rice" - nice. Hey what's with Mike McMahon serving as 3rd string for the Argos?