Thursday, May 31, 2007


Feeling pretty good now. Yesterday the football team I play for won the first game of the season. We beat the team that won the championship last year so that was pretty exciting and maybe a little unexpected, but fuck it. we played well.

I'll get to the game a little later on but right now the main reason I'm feeling pretty good is cuz I finally was able to track down and download Renegade Soundwave's most hardcore song - Kray Twins. This song is like the soundtrack your most bizzarre highschool acid trip or your attempts to fuck when completely bombed out of your skull feeling good. For sure its a great time, you're buck naked but you just cant manage to insert anything anywhere cuz you'd rather focus on making random noises with your mouth while showing off your African Tribal dance technique. Anyway, the song is great.

I cant really think of the football game right now as I've broken one of my personal rules to investing. Other people do it, but I am not a fan of borrowing money to invest. However yesterday, amongst rumours that the Forzani Group will be bought out by private equity, I tapped into my line of credit and bought 210 shares at @ 25.10. Yesterday the Forzani Group closed at 25.29 but after the bell, reports came out that confirmed the rumour but also stated that Forzani has no apparent interest in being taken private. So I'm not sure how this one will break out at the open today. I may very well end up getting fucked in the ass, but lets hope not.

Same scenario happening with Stelco this morning. Stelco is this really troubled canadian steel company attracting interest from foreign ownership. I may make a play on Stelco as well today. Pre-market looks fucking nuts. Lots of activity.

Keep in mind, the above is in no way a solicitation or an endorsement of these companies. I do not have any designations. I'm just a dumb motherfucker trying to make a buck.

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