Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday morning musings

Anyone else see Cameron Diaz slutting it up yesterday on the MTV movie awards? Damn, she looked surprisingly pretty. She looked like she was getting a little meat back on those bones. Reminded me a little of her in The Mask. Even so, you could still tell it was just a matter of time before Justin moved on and tapped something a little younger. Enter Jessica Biel. Smokin'. Thats the way to do it, kid.

On Friday, I mentioned a couple stocks I'm playing for a (hopeful) bump initiated by takeover speculation. I bought 120 shares of Forzanis at 25.40. On Friday it closed at 24.85. Forzanis, on friday, said they were approached by private equity but told them they were not interested in selling the company. Enter the dick in my ass. I'll keep watch of the stock and if it looks like its going significantly lower I'll sell today. Ideally, I would like to keep the stock until Tuesday were FGL is scheduled to release their Q1 numbers. I'm guessing the numbers will be strong and there are whisperings that the company will initiate a dividend policy. Fingers crossed, as this may be the catalyst for a pop in price.

Stelco is the other stock I'm trying to hit for a short-term flip. I bought 105 shares at 31, on friday and it closed at 31.90. Stelco is this deeply troubled company that I normally wouldn't touch. However, its in a sector where everything is being consolidated and the company said they are actually in preliminary talks and exploring all options for maximizing shareholder value. Still, this doesn't mean shit and its still a fairly risky play but I'll chase the rumours and see where it gets me.

Ordinarily its never a good idea to chase a stock on rumours. However me and good ideas are like water and oil.


nobich said...

even though you have a dick hanging out of your ass you should hold on to the Forzanis for a couple three days more. Be brave they probably just didn't get their price so they're playing hard to get meantime relax (it won't hurt so much Ha)

nobich said...

although don't blame me if it doesn't work out I could just be talking out of my ass ha

J7 L7+ said...

I like the Diaz dumping tie-in with the stock-talk. Ah low dump high.