Thursday, May 03, 2007

dumb thoughts for the day

(1) Considering my UTFL season begins in 3 weeks I thought it'd be in my best interest to temporarily suspend my online quest for black babe one white dude porno and take my fat ass to the gym once in a while.

(2) I'm developing this new website where you can stay in touch and write messages to all the people you pretend to be friends with. The website is gonna be called ""

(3) How is this guy passing any substance abuse test. Has the NBA stopped testing for crack?

(4) I signed up for Instant Messaging. You can find me most of the time in New Jersey Nets chat rooms acting as an ambassador of goodwill and a conduit of peace. Most of my conversations being with "sooo... this is where all the ugly girls hang out".

(5) How is this guy passing any substance abuse test? Has the NBA stopped testing for semen in the stomach?


Freak Magnet said...

*slams head on desk* The links... they aren't... working..

nobich said...

Hey Hootch we're gettin nothing here!!

2 Dollar Productions said...

Nothing passed through, but I can tell you're embroiled in the NBA play-offs & good luck with Raptors as they will need it tonight in Jersey.

I nearly punched a hole through the wall last night watching the Mavs game & now I no longer care that much about things.