Friday, August 18, 2006

A little more of Huner's party

Okay. I have 15 minutes before I have to throw my stank-ass body in the shower and head to work. Lets see how much of Huner's party I can get through.

So, Huner's big deal was that he thought he was "incapable of love". I know, whatta big fuckin' let down. I was kinda hoping he'd say something like "boys, I just scored a shitload of free weed and I'm looking for someone to help me smoke it" or "Hootch, I just discovered that Rhianna and Sylvia Saint wanna tag team your hairy ass and have mad, crazy, jungle gorilla sex with you". But naw. He went all Dawson's Creek and started talking about his feelings, fears, expectations, emotions, uncertainties etc etc.

Huner: My Entire life has been one big hoax. I keep establishing all these false expectations for myself and all I do is bullshit my way through them. Its not right. Its not fair to my family and to those who love me.

Sterg: Huner, thats not true. Dont be ridiculous, dude... nobody loves you.

Anyway, Huner was tripping because he was having 2nd thoughts about his wedding. He was coming to the realization that he did not have any "strong feelings" for his fiance. What made matters worse was that his wedding was in a couple of weeks. What could we possibly tell him to make him feel any better?

Mally: Listen, Huner. More than 50% of marriages today end in divorce anyway, so even if you had feelings for your fiance, chances are you'd be divorcing her ass in a couple of years, regardless.

Strangely, Huner did not find solace in Mally's words of wisdom.

My stench is overcoming me. I'll continue later. I gotta hit the shower before I pass out. The gym today was rough. I had to endure 45 minutes on the eliptical machine while watching Mama's family on the gym tv sets.



Me said...

Ah, that Mally...what a sweet talker. ;)

And, Hootch, you know you love Mama's whole family....

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

sigh.. silly humans and their perceptions of marriage.

Elaine said... umm...when ya gonna finish.. you know i get my panties all in a bunch when you do this "to be continued" stuff...




seriously. how long of a shower ya gonna take man?

(psst..don't look right away last lifeinmyuniverse up there ^^^^ anime girl??!?!? just curious...)

Freak Magnet said...

Get him drunk right before the wedding and toss him down the aisle - he'll be fine.

Melissa said...

Huner proposed marriage, a binding LEGAL contract, to a woman he doesn't have strong feelings for? What's his IQ?

And if he's loaded, hook a sister up, he'd be easy to fleece.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I like any post that can name-check Sylvia Saint, Dawon's Creek and Mama's Family in such a confined space.


Neil said...

Men today -- so indecisive!

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

Me - They should have a show called instead of Mama's family - Mally's family!!

Lastlife - For real, yo.

Elaine - Shower wasn't really that long. I wasn't really smelly. I was just thinking of an excuse to say "stank-ass".

Oh, and I think I've seen pictures of most of the people who comment here... I think all y'all can give anime a run for her money.

FreakMagnet - Wedding was last saturday. Everything was cool.

Melissa - Huner's family is loaded. I'll see what I can do.

$2 - I was debating referencing Sylvia Saint or Shyla Stylez. But Sylvia has always had that certain "je ne c'est qua" (sp?)... or maybe its just the way she sucks head.