Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May 6, 2008

Just saw the most wicked Veronica Mars episode. It was the one where she was totally 69ing this fat hairy greek guy... oh... hold on a second... that wasn't an actual episode... I think that was just a dream I had last night.

Started reading "Journey to the End of the Night" a few days ago. So far, pretty awesome.

GXS up to 4.55 yesterday before it was halted. The company issued a press release, at 3:15, detailing the quality of the coal they hit. Sounds good to me but I'm not a geologist. Maybe the apparent excitement in the news release was all spin. Either way another company that applied for a permit right beside GXS' land started moving as soon as the GXS news was out. I guess the speculation there is that hopefully the body of coal extends over into SMI's land as well. I got in SMI at 41 cents. Today will either be a really big payday or I probably go broke once GXS resumes trading and SMI takes its cue.

Ha! I guess as should have been expected both GXS and SMI did the exact opposite of what I anticipated. They neither skyrocketed or dropped to their knees faster than Veronica Mars looking for clues in my underwear. They're basically flat so far for the day. I'll probably sell most of these holdings and only keep a small position as basically a lottery ticket. GXS the past 2 weeks was a sweet trade though.

This morning I watched the House of Flying Daggers with the commentary on. Pretty cool. The director, Yimou Zhang, basically said he had the lead male eating peanuts in the first three scenes of the movie because he was concerned that North American audiences wouldn't be able able to identify him, at first, from the other Asian faces. I thought that was hilarious. Then Ziyi Zhang, the female lead, admitted having difficulty differentiating between North American faces in movies. She normally focuses on one facial feature to distinguish between people "like the bridge of their nose" she said. Bridge of their nose?! Man, if she ever runs into me, the feature I hope she focuses on is the bulge in my pants.


Franki said...

Dude, I just Googled Veronica Mars and the show is labeled "American teen drama/mystery series", like Nancy Drew. Put on some pants and go outside or sumfin. ;)

Word Veri: a$$bndt

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

Sure, the show SOUNDS kinda wussy when you put it like that... but trust me, only guys with big dicks watch the show... guys with big dicks and me.

The only way the show could be more macho is if you slapped a Magnum PI mustache on Veronica Mars.

nobich said...

Veronica Mars...hmm weird

Me said...

I was always under the impression that Veronica Mars was a cartoon or something. ;)

Melissa said...

Never could get the hang of Veronica. I am, however, falling in love with the Gilmore Girls all over again. "It's like Beirut in 77 over here!"