Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

Went to work yesterday. Shift was from 5pm to 9pm but I arrived 30 minutes late. Pretty much fucked the dog as shit was slow. Came home. Watched as the Spurs discarded the Suns with robot-like efficiency.

Woke up this morning. Finally showered. Popped in the chicken nuggets I bought yesterday from the pharmacy. DAMN, SON!! They were good.

Ran on the treadmill and watched the retards on CNN debate over the content of Jeremiah Wright's recent public speaking appearances. Pretty divisive, I think. I also think here's an old man trying to milk his 15 minutes. Seems to me he's not pulling any punches trying to mark his place in history right beside Malcom X and MLK. I wonder how he'd like it if a white preacher went on television and gave his impersonation of a black man practising his faith. When Wright gave his impresssion of a white marching band yesterday I thought "ok, this guy has completely lost it".

GXS is up to 3.30. Up from the 2.40 I bought 2 days ago and from the 1.30 I bought on Friday.

Kung Fu movie time.


Melissa said...

Welcome back whistle britches. Good to see you're still alive.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Glad to see you alive & kicking & at least you've got Veronica Mars as you could do a lot worse. I think.

Don't you think the first round of NBA has been a lot shittier than expected? I do.

Franki said...

Oh sure. Come back and don't even visit.


IDigHootchAndCootch said...

Melissa - "whistle britches" I may get that sewn on my undies.

$2 - yeah, not too many series going the distance in the west thats for sure.

franki - I knew I'd be too much of a distraction for you... (just kidding, I did visit, yo)