Thursday, May 15, 2008

friday night lights and my retirement plan

GXS now at $6.85. Touched $8.00 a few days ago. I sold everything I had left at 6.90. Bought me at least another few months of watching Star Trek re-runs in my underwear and downloading porno in stead of looking for a real job. Sweet.

Bought Season 2 of Friday Night Lights. Awesome. Every single relationship between characters in that show is interesting. The show has made my cry on more than a few occasions between the two seasons. Its hilarious.

Hootch: I bought Friday Night Lights

Sister: The movie?

Hootch: No. The show.

Sister: There is a show?

Hootch: Yeah. Its awesome. Its actually made me tear up a few times.

Sister: What, the show? How come? Did someone die or something. Is there a lot of tragedy? Cuz I cant handle that shit either.

Hootch: No. No one dies.

Sister: What were you crying for then.

Hootch: Well, in one episode, Landry catches this game winning touchdown and I just couldn't hold back the emotion.

Sister: (staring in disbelief) You are a loser.

Hootch: No, like you dont understand. There was, like, 3 seconds on the clock. It was the last play of the game. It spoke to my collective unconscious - man triumphing against all odds

Actually, Landry didn't catch the ball but thats besides the point. The show is awesome and the chicks are hot.

Bought Timminco shares a few days ago, again. I mentioned this stock previously when in was in its teens a few months back. I bought the shares at 21.18. Yesterday it closed at 24.90. The stock is volatile as a motherfucker. There are alot of people in the investment community who have bet that the company's claims of low capital costs and multi-year contract are all lies. Several weeks ago Timminco hired a 3rd party to run a review of its operations and product. Yesterday that 3rd party presented their findings in an hour long press conference. They said Timminco, even with minimal effort, with the existing ramp up in their business can expect to earn upwards of one billion dollars in operating profit in 2010. Cha-ching. I expect the stock to still act volatile as those who "bet" (or shorted) against the stock continue with their campaign of disinformation but Ive decided to make Timminco my retirement fund.


Franki said...

I never heard of Friday Night Lights show or movie, but I have sat around in my underwear watching an entire season of Six Feet Under.

Does that count?

Word Veri: pnTIeS

J7 L7+ said...

I got a little choked-up during Rudy. But I said it was just a little something in my eye.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

franki - I heard Christophe Galfard digs Friday Night Lights also.

j7 - ditto, brother.

Franki said...

You don't say? So you two have a lot in common?

Word Veri: TwtMOngr

Yo Momma said...

have you read friday night lights...the book, before the movie and the show. its very good. i wasn't too much a fan of the show though.

i love underdog football stories though...Rudy and that one where the guy is like 30 and tries out for the Jets. okay a lot of why I like it is because the guy was played by marky mark.