Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm pretty sure I'd throw it to Hilary Clinton

Is it just me or do Chelsea Clinton and Alfred E Neuman look exactly the same?

Bill's thoughts as he's looking at Hilary: I am so gonna doggie style Lewinski, tonight.

Speaking of Bill, does anyone know what he did with those cigars he fucked Lewinski with? I think it'd be hilarious if he gave them out to all the closet nazi's in the government.

ClosetNazi: Mmmm, this cigar here, Bill, is damn smooth.

Clinton: SURPRISE!!! I've been marinating the tip of that cigar in Monica Lewinski's pussy juice.

Maybe they can make a reality tv show out of it, like they did with Punk'd. They can call it Pussy Juiced. Come on. Admit it. Thats awesome.

Rush Limbaugh: You know, Bill, if your wife or that nigger become the next President of the United States I may have to pick up my belongings and move to Mexico or something. Buy a few slaves and just live the good life as god intended, you know voicing my opinions on issues I know nothing about and just generally being an asshole hypocrite. Hmmmm, damn, Bill!! This cigar is good. Is it Cuban?

Bill: AAAHAHAHA, SURPRISE LIMABAUGH!! That cigar, between your lips, has been soaking in my wife's vagina the past 12 hours. YOU'VE JUST BEEN PUSSY JUICED!!


Franki said...

Holeeeshit! They look exactly alike!

I am super pissed at you for making me think about Limbaugh's lips.

Seriously, I'm not talking to you for 2 days.

kismetic said...

it's really a shame you can't vote here.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

franki - It could have been worse. I could have made you think of Limbaugh's mangina.

I'm already getting shakes and sweats from the withdraw

kismetic - I find Hilary's determination to make the world a better place sexy.

The ending of my dream date with Hilary. "Hilary, while you're cranking me, would you mind talking about your foreign policy?"

I'd be, like, painting the ceiling in 2 seconds.

Franki said...

You know, we can always start discussing Coulter's Man Clam.

2 Dollar Productions said...

And the thing is that Chelsea looks far better than she did in the past. Whatever that tells you.

Also, 'Moan' was a surprisingly good and hilarious movie.

H.Wood said...

Those Lewinsky cigars have got to taste better than the ones Senator Larry Craig was handing out.

J7 L7+ said...

What me worry?

Yo Momma said...

OMG. that Alfred E. Newman and Chelsea Clinton observation is SO DEAD ON!!!

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

$2 - glad you liked "Moan".

h.wood - hahaha. comment of the year so far.

j7 - looks like Bill wasn't the only one getting busy.

yo momma - I know, eh? Freaky. I think Chelsea may have been cloned cuz imagining Alfred penetrating Hillary is just too painful a reality.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

i think i might rather let someone with mouth herpes give me head rather than that horse faced chelsea clinton.