Thursday, January 03, 2008

Alright. So, whats going on? Hitting that 15% on RIM has basically allowed me to fuck off the previous week and a bit. I did some DVD shopping. I picked up The Kingdom which was a huge disappointment. On tap for today is Eastern Promises which I'm looking forward to watching. I loved History of Violence so I'm hoping Eastern Promises captures, at least a little bit of that same intrigue.

Me and the fellas hit up a new rippers a few days ago. That was pretty fun. I've never seen Sterg so smashed before in my life.

Hootch: (approaching a stripper) Excuse me. If you are not too busy I'd like to get my friend a few dances from you, if that's ok?

Stripper: Sure, baby.

Hootch: I'm Hootch. What's your name?

Stripper: Hi Hootch. I'm Lola (we shake hands).

Hootch: (we approach Sterg, who is sucking back what I'm pretty sure is essentially straight rubbing alcohol) Hey, Sterg. Our friend here is gonna take you in the back for a while.

Sterg: Awesome.

Lola: Hi, sweetie. I'm Lola

Sterg: Hi Cobra.

Ahh fuck. I just about died of laughter - Cobra, the stripper, thats awesome.

I'm thinking about starting a 2nd blog where I'll document my stock plays and general thoughts on trading. Maybe that'll be a good way of organizing my ideas.

The only 2 stocks I'm rolling with now is RailPower Technologies and Kinross Gold. I just bought RailPower yesterday at 70 cents. It has a lot of positive momentum behind it. Several days ago the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan decided to invest 35 million dollars in the company. This acted as a catalyst for the stock's recent move. Alot of big money follows the OTPP. I have my stop/loss in at 75 cents but I really hope the stock keeps moving upward for the next few days as I really hate scouring the markets looking for my next run.

Kinross I also bought yesterday at 19.55. I bought in a little late in the gold rally yesterday, but I hope the positive momentum will carry over into today.

Show time. I gotsta go.


Me said...

Lola, Cobra...those names are pretty much the same, right?? :)

Melissa said...

The second blog is a stellar idea. Do you remember that finance blog I sent you a while back? That guy is hosting his own financial news show these days.

You could totally be the man.