Tuesday, June 19, 2007

her body stay vicious, she be up in the gym just working on her fitness

Alright. There is this horse-faced chick on Much Music. Her name is Leah Miller. All my friends seem to like her cuz she's got big tits and a small waist. I think she is kind of annoying, though. On Saturday I was watching a repeat of Leah Miller's interview with my future wife, Hilary Duff. Fucking brutal. Leah spent more time trying to become friends with Hilary than actually interviewing her. I mean, it was so pathetic that even the 12 year old girls in the audience asked more insightful questions.

12 year old girl in the audience: Hi Hilary. I love your music. My question is what artist would you most like to collaborate with?

Hilary Duff: Wow, what a good question. I'd really love to work with Akon. Everyone else seems to be putting out hit songs with him.

Leah Miller: Oh my gawd, Hilary!! That's what I would've said... I mean...if I actually was a singer... and anyone cared what I thought. Lets take our next audience question. Yes, the guy who looks like he hasn't showered in a week, whats your question for Hilary?

Hootch: My question is, apart from going out with the least talented person in the world, Joel Madden, what else would you change about your personal and professional life?

Hilary Duff: Hmmm. Thats an interesting question. I guess I would start by...

Hootch: Sorry for interrupting, Hilary. I had a quick "add on" to my question. I just wanted to let you know I love your videos. Their composition and story-telling are really quite extraordinary and first class. I jack it to them all he time.

Hilary: Oh my gawd. Thats soooo sweet. Did you know I use that as motivation? Whenever I'm on set shooting a video and its already been a long day, sometimes all I wanna do is say "fuck it" and go home. But, I just think of all the dateless, lonely, geezers like you who rely on me to produce crankage material, and it really gives me that extra boost of energy I need to complete the day.

Anyway, that Leah Miller interview with Hilary Duff was pretty shit.


whatigotsofar said...

Its very sad when the most intelligent personality on a television channel is a talking sock.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I've never seen Miller, but from your description I might cut her some slack if she simply quit talking/asking questions.

Let's hope we don't find you in the audience and asking questions at a taping or it could get ugly.

nobich said...

good one.

J7 L7+ said...

I think Leah Miller is what is wrong with the world these days

Melissa said...

Isn't Hillary Duff young enough to actually be your daughter?

Elaine said...

really hootch?? Hilary Duff??
her teeth had some wierd growth spurt in the past couple years.