Thursday, June 07, 2007

we got action (how to lose all your money in one day)

Sold Forzanis and Stelco at a bit of a loss for an opportunity to play GQC on the Venture and OIL on the Toronto xchange.

GQC ran up over 300% yesterday as the mining company had terrific results from the hole they dug. The stock traded roughly 25% of its float. Fucking nuts. I got 5000 shares at 1.47. If the stock doesn't pop at the open I'll be surprised... and perhaps a little suicidal.

OIL is expecting some results from a few of their projects within the next week or so. The stock has been climbing in anticipation. I have 300 shares at 12.31.

Really, I know next to nothing about these companies and its never a good idea to chase a stock... or whores... but I'm a sucker for both.

If both stocks tank the whores in Toronto will go hungry.


Melissa said...

Sweet. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I was cleaning off my work computer the other day and came across the lessons you sent. I got all misty eyed.

J7 L7+ said...

Good luck man. You're braver than me. I save my money in my matress. My retirement plan involves a stack of 50's and a photocopier.