Sunday, June 24, 2007

DVDs and shit

I saw Lucky Number Slevin on Friday. It was pretty good. Actually, it was really good. Yeah, I'm not shitting you. It was probably one of the more entertaining movies I've seen in the past 6 months.

Maybe I liked it a lot because I had super low expectations. I had never seen a Josh Hartnett movie before... at least I dont think I have. I expected him to be the musical equivalent of Puff Daddy, which is to say completely and entirely shit. But no. Hartnett was good.

Same deal for Lucy Liu. Apart from gimmicky roles like in Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill and in Ally McBeal I had never seen her in anything real. She was good too, though. Damn sexy also.

The movie had some pretty interesting camera shots and dialogue. Combine that with a lot of extras and it was definitely worth the $20 to buy the DVD.

Early this morning I also saw Garden State. I heard it was supposed to be pretty good. But I dunno... I couldn't seem to watch more than 10 minutes of the movie without feeling the overwhelming urge to flip the channel to Jumanji on TBS. I think I may hate Zach Braff. I may elaborate later on but Garden State didn't sit all that well with me.

One thing I did like was J7 L7's short story on his blog. Here is the link to the piece. Check it out.

Football is going alright. Team is in first place. The standings on the league's website is a little out of date so it only shows us at 3-0.

Teams G W L T P/F P/A PTS +/-
Enforcers 3 3 0 0 101 28 9 73
Lost a Step 3 3 0 0 91 46 9 45
Obsessions 3 2 1 0 91 54 6 37
Red Knights 3 2 1 0 65 55 6 10
Milf Hunters FC 3 1 2 0 71 71 3 0
Seminoles 3 1 2 0 52 71 0 -19

Sunday Morning Maniacs 3 0 3 0 39 103 0 -64
Argos 3 0 3 0 18 110 0 -92

However, we just bitch-slapped "the enforcers" up and down the field last week so we're sitting pretty on top as the only undefeated team.

I've been nursing either a hernia or a pulled groin since week one. I'm trying to determine which I have. How can you tell? I guess going to the doctors would be a good way of finding out. I fucking hate doctors, though. Doctors and Zach Braff... what a way to ruin a beautiful summer's day. Anyway my pulled "groinia" is feeling a bit better so maybe I'll just fuck the idea of going to the doctors for good. Getting older though. Thats for sure. I remember when the only thing I had to stretch my muscles and warm up for was marathon jungle sex with the German broad at University. Fuck, now I practically have to spend half an hour just stretching my legs for a 10 minute walk to the corner store.

Enough of my bitching. I gotsta go pour myself a glass of prune juice and watch tonights episode of Matlock.


tinakala said...

Hernia is bound to stick out a bit, no?

2 Dollar Productions said...

You're falling apart man, and I'm not sure which is the better injury.

But I'm with you on Braff, and I hear the same thing about Slevin, which I wrote off because of because of Hartnett. But don't chalk up a lot of hiim just from that role, you have to look at the body of work and there's a lot of suspect crap in there.

Elaine said...

you're such a typical dude.
GO TO THE DOCTOR dork! Even if it is feeling a little bit better doesn't mean it went away.

Zach Braff annoys the beejoobus out of me. And I didn't even know I had any beejoobus until I saw him and it oozed out of me. It was the color of hate and smelled of annoyance.

whatigotsofar said...

I don't think Josh Hartnett gets enough credit for his acting ability. Its not that he's great, but he's not crap hiding behind a pretty face. [cough cough] Brad Pitt.

As for Lucy Liu, she does a great robot woman voice, other than that she's just an Asian with freckles. Which from what I've been told, is considered very unattractive in the far east.

J7 L7+ said...

Yo brahman, thanks for the plug. If my blog was a scene from Rocky, you'd be the hard-of-hearing, feisty, bare-knuckled (and now herniated?) coach in my corner. Greatly 'preciated.

I can't stand that Braff punk. He wrote that piece of crap too.

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

Tinakala - Stick out?!?! EW, thats gross.

Deuce - Because Shannyn Sossamon is such a fox, I dont blame Hartnett for 40 Days and 40 Nights. Heck, i would have signed up for Ishtar if it called for a make-out scene with me and Shannyn.

Elaine - They guy has zero sex appeal. When Braff's character kissed Natalie Portman's, it was like watching a plant make out with a human being. I Zack is probably asexual.

Whatigot - you have a nice site. Just and asian with freckles... JUST an asian with freckles?!?! The far east, what do they know?

J7 - (in my best cranky old man voice) You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder! Now get to writing more stories.

question girl said...

oh hon... i trashed garden state LAST SUMMER

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

question girl - so... I put myself through that torture for nothing??

H.Wood said...

Zach Braff spread his doucheness to Wendy's commercials.

Futbol or Football?

Melissa said...

C'mere, I'll check your groin for you.

Braff = styrofoam. And Lucy is about the coolest thing ever. I loved her on Alley McBeal, she was such a bitch.

Your Girl Friday said...

Hmmm. I love Scrubs. Zach pisses me off ... but I love Scrubs. Great writing.

Hartnett was good in something?!?! I'll believe it when I see it.

I saw the Black Dahlia the other day, hoping to prove the critics wrong. I do that sometimes. The movie blowed. Hartnett made it unbearable!!!

Isn't Bruce in Lucky Number Slevin?

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

h.wood - whats the difference... I'm falling apart. Time to take up knitting or something less taxing

melissa - (PA system crackles) "calling physical therapist Melissa, your one o'clock is here for his appointment...bring the mazola oil"

your girl - I cant remember seeing Hartnett in the black dhalia. In fact I can remember anything at all from that movie. Bruce is indeed in "lucky". So is Ghandi and god.