Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Raps vs Nets

I'd rather lose a testicle than have my beloved Raps lose to a bitch team like the NJ Nets.

Today's game was un-fucking-believable. It was like a heavyweight fight that allowed cock-punching, eye gouging and ass raping. It went back and forth with NJ controlling the play most of the time and the Raps playing catchup. Each time NJ hit a big shot to gain some distance, Toronto scratched, clawed and cock-punched their way back to even. They played balls-out, super-fucking gutsy. I nearly cried on several occasions as my Raps stood up to the highly touted trio of Vince, Kidd and Jefferson. Man, even the most useless Slovenian in the world, Rasho Nesterovic, played with some heart tonight. ATTA BE RASHO!!!!

My thoughts on some of the players in the series:

Jason Kidd - Dude, you are playing unbelievable, especially on defence. You are getting your hands on more balls than a broke-ass Marianne jonesing for some weed in a room full of wigger, smallfry, drugdealers. However...you're a cock. I'm glad Toni Braxton was fucking Jamal MonsterMash and Jimmy J when you were professing your love for her back in Dallas. Also, my man Charlie Shame may be right, sometime in this series you may in fact unhinge your jaw and attempt to swallow TJ Ford whole. Shit, you may even get your jaw/mouth around his head. Damn, you may even get your mouth around his shoulders. Heck you may even get your mouth around his chest. But motherfucker, you'll never get your unhinged jaw around TJ Ford's balls cuz they are just too fucking big. Think about that next time you try and man-up and bitch slap your wife, asshole.

TJ Ford - Sure this pic may look a little aloof and gay but trust me... TJ loves winning and vagina so much he'll change directions on you so fast, break both your ankles and then fuck every female member of your family, including your pets.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I watched Ford during his brief stint at Texas & he seems back up to speed after his injury a few years ago.

Saw the game highlights - how could you ignore Bosh, he's an animal.

Me said...


J7 L7+ said...

Allowing cock punching?!?! Bwah ha ha ha!! Dumping Vince was the best thing the Raps ever did. Explosive on the baseline? Sure. Carry you in the clutch? Fuck no.