Friday, September 14, 2007

Investing 101, mothafuckaaaas

Alright, the best thing for you to do if you wanna learn how to invest is do the exact opposite of what I say. I mean, if you wanted to learn how to keep a shit blog then I might be able to help you out but anything a mature adult should be able to do is all foreign to me.

Thankfully though, this week I've been luckier than a motherfucker and sometimes its better to be lucky than good. The NOT I bought on Monday at 1.37 closed yesterday at 3.96. Today the stock is halted pending news but I have already traded this bitch 4 times buying on dips and selling before the close. Today I took some of the profits from NOT and I bought BMR at 0.34. BMR is also a mining company and has some property beside NOT. BMR today is trading on crazy volume simply on account of NOT's impressive sample results. Its so funny because neither of these companies is anywhere close to producing whatever the fuck it is they mine for. However they've caught the imagination of the markets. BMR is now trading at 0.43 cents but losing steam it appears. I've set my stop/loss and 40 cents and will be happy as fuck to close out what was supposed to be a slow Friday with a 17+% gain in a few hours.

I'm positive sooner or later I'll hit some monumental losses but for now all is well, ma. I just done made me some serious titties-in-my-face money.

Please note, the above is in no way promotion for NOT or BMR. I really know shit about these companies.


Me said...

Investing seems so complicated...sigh.

And don't worry in reference to your comment on my blog. I don't hate you. I know you are right. Things could be worse. Normally I'm a believer in the "things happen when they're supposed to happen" philosophy, but I was having a bad day when I posted all the stuff. I'm better today though. :)

2 Dollar Productions said...

I definitely subscribe to the better lucky than good maxim, but if you're good and lucky then you'll be rolling for a long, long time.

Good luck keeping the streak alive.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I wish all investors were as honest as you.

I admire your candor.