Monday, September 10, 2007

the death of a pop star and the birth of a joke

Wow. Did anyone else see the train wreck that was Britney Spears at the MTV Music Awards last night? She reminded me of an over-the-hill busted cougar who is sticking around the bar till last call thinking her slow-as-fuck uncoordinated 1985 dance moves are driving the boys wild when all they're really doing is providing the material for a good bet.

boy1: Yo, you see that 40 year old ho with the tight-ass jeans and the camel toe?

boy2: Yeah, what about her?

boy1: I'll give you $100 if you fuck her.

boy2: Ok. But does it have to be with my dick?

boy1: I dunno. What else were you thinking of, like, your finger?

boy2: What about this beer bottle?

Anyway, yeah, Britney, yesterday was the death of her career.

TIM is up over another 13% today. Motherfuck!! I missed on this run cuz I fell asleep watching Star Trek. Might be too late to get into it now as it'll probably sell off the rest of the day. I'll try to monitor TIM for the rest of the day, but I highly doubt I'll be able to do so for more than 15 minutes without being able to resist the distraction/allure of online porno.

Just got a call from one of my friends at my old job. He called to let me know NOT is running. I just bought 2000 shares at 1.37. I'm probably too late for this party as well but I'll hold till my stop/loss at 1.27 is hit.

My online bookie has this proposition bet "shortest touchdown scored over/under 1.5 yards". Its like, the craziest fucking thing. I'm thinking over every fucking game. The only way you can lose is if someone scores a one yard TD. Yesterday I took that bet on three games and won them all (Buffalo/Denver, Detroit/Oakland and St. Louis/Carolina (I should mention prior to those 3 games I was something like 1 outta my last 5). I told my friends about this proposition bet and they all want in for both of tonight's games. I'm almost positive me mentioning my success with that prop bet will throw the voodoo on us tonight.

Better get going now. I have some online smut to surf through. Oh and by the way if anyone wants to IM me on Yahoo feel free to do so. I think my User ID is HootchandCootch.

NOT is 1.51 right now, muthafuckaaaaas. Pray I dont fuck it up.



Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Interesting take on Britney. Two kids, a failing career, a joke among Hollywood.

Yep, she's entered skankhood.

Elaine said...

Shitney just needs to stop or get some stronger meds....

Anonymous said...

she's like a cougar...but only 25.

J7 L7+ said...

Sell your Spears stock. She's tanking bad. Anyone for an over/under on when the money runs out? 8 years? About 33 years old... just like Tiffany.

2 Dollar Productions said...

That's a crazy football bet that I've never heard of, and I'd ride that streak until your luck turns south.

As for Spears, you know my thoughts on her, but never rule anyone out for a comeback - even after that 'performance.'

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

lightning bug - ... and apparently Britney was partying it up afterward.

Elaine - I wonder what Madonna was thinking about Shitney's performance.

Jenn - Man, I cant believe, she's only 25!!

j7 - I say she declares bankruptcy faster than Tyson

$2 - Monday night that prop bet went 1-1. I just checked out the site I bet through ( and it looks like they either took that prop bet off the table or they're late posting it. Bastards.

Freak Magnet said...

The girl I work with sticks up for Britney no matter what she does. Will not admit that woman needs help or is doing anything wrong to save her life. It's a little comical.