Saturday, January 13, 2007

stuff I have been doing

Alright, the previous several weeks have been spent in self-imposed isolation. The reason for my seclusion, you ask? I've been studying the companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange in an effort to rebuild my once 100% kick-ass, totally fucking incedible, boner-inducing stock portfolio. Just about 3 years ago I shed a tear as I closed out my portfolio in order to put a downpayment on my house.

Recently, however, I've felt the ich to get back in the game. So starting 2 weeks ago and ending just last friday I totally fucking emptied my bank account and made my initial purchases. Whats the most I can house by defaulting on my mortgage payments? Perhaps. My job? Quite probably, as the last two weeks I've been logged in my investors account, while at work, and clocking the bid and asks by the second as the markets move up and down. The prospects of sticking my nose in the anime girl's asshole and eating out her snapper from behind couldn't tear me away from my computer monitor.

My purchases two weeks ago:

225 shares of General Donlee @ $6.85. This bad boy is presently trading at $7.50 and pays me a distribution of rougly 12% a year. If I had a gun I'd be busting gunshots right now.

800 shares of Neo Material Technologies @ $2.50. Presently trading at $3.04.

200 shares of Quest Capital @ 3.30. Now trading at $3.23. I may have fucked up the timing of this one as I think it may dip a tad lower. There is a report out on that says Quest is looking for a suitor to buy the company. I dont know if this is true or not but QC is certainly not trading like a company that is about to be sold (at least not yet anyway) . Either way, its a nice little company, I think, and if it dips below 3.00 I may have to start selling blood for xtra cash to buy more shares. We'll see.

My Purchases this past Friday:

175 shares of Sino-Forest Corp at $10.11. Closed friday at 10.85. Now this motherfucker is a company that trades like its about to be bought out.

320 shares of WIN @ $5.65. Now trading at $5.55. Very volatile stock that came out with some pretty good fucking numbers last week, in my personal estimation. This one could go alot higher, or alot lower. I have my stop/loss set in at $5.00. I may have fucked up the timing with this one as well. I guess I'll see further on Monday.

The above in in no way a pitch for the above companies. Just an explanation and the result of what I've been doing the past few days.


Freak Magnet said...

Damn. You've been busy.

I was going to buy stock in a beer company whose beverages are totally delectable, but they're privately owned. That puts me out of the game. :(

Me said...

I'm in awe..I can't figure stocks out for the the life of me. I just pay some guy to do do that kinda stuff. Grr...

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

so thats where youve been...

welcome back punk

Melissa said...

What's the P/E ratio on those? What's the history on dividends? And now since you have all this time on your hands you should do the same with the New York exchange... I've done fuck all and need some tips.