Monday, August 27, 2007

after the sundown

After the sundown we decided to go back to the Casino and look for a bite to eat. It was me, Mally, Sterg, Ho, Heel and BabyFace. We managed to invite a few of the girls from the club to make things interesting. None of the girls in the club were really my type but the chicks Mally and Ho had invited were crazy dirty. I was so jealous.

When Mally and Ho took them to the back of the VIP section the girls started out their private dances by eating each other out in a variety of positions. I was with this 6ft Romanian chick but couldn't help but notice Mally's chick grinding Mally's balls while eating out Ho's chick from behind. It was fucking nuts. You could tell Mally and Ho where trying to play the nice guy card. I was walking by to get me and the Romanian a drink when I hear Ho's chick say:

Ho's chick: Do you want to finger me?

Ho: Ahhhh shucks, I like you too much and... and I'm kind of shy.

Ho's chick: Thats so sweet. Its alright. I want you to.

A nano second later Ho was wrist deep. His hand was moving so fast I could hardly see it move.

From my booth all I could hear for the rest of the night was "Ooooohhh, Mr. Ho and Mr. Mally, thats feels soooo gooood".

Sterg, continuing his tradition of falling in love with the ugliest blonde chick in the joint, walks up to me and says:

Sterg: "See that awesome blonde cashing out by the bar?

Hootch: Yeah.

Sterg: She's coming to the Casino with us.

Hootch: Nice...but I cant help but notice there seems to be something missing about her.

Sterg: What? You mean like a personality or something?

Hootch: No man, fucking eyebrows. I dont think she has any eyebrows. She's kinda freaky looking.

Anyway, we arrived at the Casino and decided to get a bite to eat at a restaurant. I cant remember the name of the place but it served the worst bacon and eggs in the history of the world. Everyone sat down except me.

Hootch: I gotta go take a shit.

Sterg: Congratulations.

No eyebrows chick: Do you want us to clap when you come out?

more later on.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I don't know who came out best/worst this night, but how do you not notice somebody is missing eyebrows.

I don't care where your wrist is or how much you've been drinking, but then again, sometimes you let a lot of things slide.

Elaine said...

This post smells like fish...or is that just ho's hand.

Either way, damn you hootch and your "to be continueds...."!!!

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

$2 - oh, man, its impossible not to notice she doesn't have any eyebrows. She looked freaky. I still have nightmares.

elaine - yes, that fish smell was certainly in the air that night... snapper to be precise.